Anna Fredrickson



Anna was born in Corvallis, Oregon. She was raised outdoors; taught to love animals and the natural world around her. She attended Lewis & Clark College where she received a B.A. in Philosophy and Fine Arts, then rambled around, searching for her path. She finally found it in Asheville, North Carolina at The Center for Massage and Natural Health. Anna had always felt there was power in mindful touch, and in massage school she was encouraged to cultivate and explore her passion as she studied anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Upon graduating and receiving her license from the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy, Anna was granted an opportunity to sublet an office space in Arden, North Carolina three days per week. From this modest start, she eventually expanded into a downtown Asheville location, then a different one, and finally made the decision to consolidate in the neighborhood that had always brought the most success: Arden. In July 2018, Anna reestablished her massage practice within an acupuncture clinic on Hendersonville Road. When she's not seeing clients, she works with students at The Center for Massage and Natural Health, cooks Persian food, and hangs out with her husband and their pets.