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The peri-natal journey is a wonderful time to receive massage. Mom's body goes through a multitude of changes--emotional, spiritual and physical--and massage is a great way to support her through the transformation. Prenatal sessions are performed with the client on her side, comfortably supported with pillows. Areas of focus often include the back, shoulders, hips, and feet. Anna is a Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Therapist; you are always in good hands on her table. Prenatal Packages are available and customizable; inquire for details.


Wonderfully relaxing, versatile, and exceedingly gentle, Reiki is a Japanese system of subtle energy healing. It can be performed with the client fully clothed, seated or lying comfortably on the massage table. For your session, you can request the full time be spent with Reiki, or the time can be split between Reiki and massage. 


After the baby has arrived, Mom's body needs time to rest and heal. Massage is a great way to support her healing process, correct residual postural issues from pregnancy, and resolve new tension patterns due to breastfeeding and holding baby. Massage sessions usually focus on alleviating tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Warm stones and abdominal massage with a castor oil pack may also be included.

Warm Stones

A great way to incorporate heat into your session for a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. Warmed Himalayan Salt Stones are used throughout the massage to soften tense muscles and create a true sense of nurtured well-being. The salt stones provide a very gentle exfoliation, as well as releasing negative ions, which are thought to reduce inflammation in the body.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a term that describes many different techniques. The goal is always to release restrictions in the fascia—the web of connective tissue that encases and supports every structure in the body—but there are many different approaches. Anna uses gentle, sustained pressure to stretch the tissues and guide the body into better alignment while freeing restrictions in the fascial web. The techniques are very slow, and require patience from both the client and therapist. Need a visual aide? Check out this video by Ian Harvey (the Massage Sloth) for an in-depth explanation and demonstration.



Advanced Modalities use techniques to achieve specific results, or address the needs of specific populations. Adding an Advanced Modality to your massage allows you to take advantage of Anna's continuing education and specialty certifications. these modalities may be added to your session for $15.